GOLD KEYS - Seletti

GOLD KEYS - Seletti
GOLD KEYS - Marcantonio Design
GOLD KEYS - Marcantonio DesignGOLD KEYS - Marcantonio Design

for Seletti
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The key is a powerful object, which gives access to secret places; but it is also an object with a strong symbolic meaning: the key to success, the key to happiness, the keys to a person’s heart, those of paradise...
A symbolic representation of our desires, a tangible object that refers to emotions and thoughts, peculiar to every human being.
Made of porcelain and painted in gold, the Keys are worked like real scepters..
Will they really have magical powers? Try to believe!

Power - cm. 17 x 50
Freedom - cm. 34 x 42
Passion - cm. 17 x 52
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